Do I need a Family Trust?

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, a family trust may be appropriate for you.

– Do you wish to protect some or all of your estate for future generations – e.g. grandchildren?

– Are you worried about your children losing their Inheritance from you via a marriage breakup or bankruptcy after you are gone?

– Do you wish to protect your assets for your children from a previous marriage?

– Could your estate receive funds from a life insurance or pension policy when you die? Do you wish to ensure they avoided unnecessary Inheritance Tax (IHT)?

– Do you have vulnerable beneficiaries that you wish to protect from creditors, financial abuse, divorce claims or future care fees?

– Would you like to ensure your money doesn’t pay Inheritance Tax, possibly for the second time, when your children leave it to your grandchildren?

– If you are not married, do you want to reduce your partner’s future Inheritance Tax liability?

– A probated will is a Public document. Do you wish to avoid disclosure of who gets what? A trust ensures this is not public knowledge.

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