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We are an award winning firm specialising in Family Trust based planning structures that provide bloodline protection and generational planning, to protect wealth, so that it passes in the right direction to chosen beneficiaries and doesn’t end up in the wrong hands.

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Preserving your family’s wealth

Preserving your family’s wealth Achieving the right balance of control, access, flexibility and tax advantages Inheritance Tax is a tax

What are you waiting for?

What are you waiting for? COVID-19 pandemic has made more people think about just how crucial it is to make

Wealth preservation

Wealth preservation Planning steps to consider when passing wealth in the most tax-efficient way Whether you have earned your wealth,

Lasting power of attorney

Lasting power of attorney Taking control of decisions even in the event you can’t make them yourself A lasting power


Trusts ’Ring-fencing’ assets to minimise or mitigate Inheritance Tax Appropriate Trusts can be used for minimising or mitigating Inheritance Tax

Making a Will

Making a Will Failure to take action could compromise the long-term financial security of the family If you want to

We love technology

Technology allows us to provide modern-day planning advice in the best way possible. It allows us to be more efficient, and more importantly, enables us to react quickly to deliver better client outcomes.