Our Culture and Values

We are Independent Family Trust Planners that help people secure their financial futures.  We provide holistic trust planning advice to a diverse range of Clients.

We specialise in Family Trust based planning structures that provide bloodline protection and generational planning to protect wealth and to ensure that it passes in the right direction to chosen beneficiaries.

A legal background also makes us well placed to help solicitors ensure that their clients get the best advice and support in respect of setting up trust and will planning structures.

Our aim is to help all our clients make the right planning decisions to reach their goals.

Mission Statement
“To delight our Clients by continuously improving our service, developing our people and evolving our technology to deliver sustainable financial well-being for all.”

Our core values

We strive for continuous improvement with relentless client focus

We consider your planning needs and explore all the surrounding options

We question everything including ourselves

Whether your planning is simple or complex, details will make the difference

Say what you mean, mean what you say

Our Ethical Policy

We strive to be ethical in everything we do and ethical behaviour is integral to our business practices and how we work with our clients.

We aim to provide full information to our clients covering the benefits and costs of any recommended planning service provided.  Our intention is to inform in a fair and transparent way so that our clients can understand what they can reasonably expect from our service and from any planning recommended.

We aim to honour all commitments we make to our clients. If any dissatisfaction should occur, we will investigate the underlying cause and take appropriate action whenever necessary.  Our reputation is important to us therefore client satisfaction is vital and Treating Customers Fairly is implicit in all our dealings.

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